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Solyluna is a special place, midway between the small town of Montezuma, with its cascades of waterfalls abounding…….

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……and Cabuya, Costa Rican fishing village with Isla de Cabuya that you can walk out to at low tide…

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Solyluna is a serenity of jungle,

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….but just 200 yards from the beach.

117Playa los Cedros

Solyluna is a sanctuary of jungle for the wildlife of the area: agoutis, coatis, white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys,

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 the relatively rare mountain chickens, more correctly called the grey necked wood rail

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 and a myriad of birds and parrots including toucans.  Plants exist to summon in the hummingbirds and of course butterflies, including the astounding Blue Morpho, butterflies the size of salad plates.Image result for blue morpho butterfly